A question I am often asked and since I have spent a fair amount of time and effort on this I feel it only to share this golden information with you. Useful if you live here and have tried buying any spice or herb that isn’t used regularly used in Japanese cooking. If you come from any country outside Japan this usually applies. Herbs, spices lentils, Basmati rice, dried fruit like dates, nuts, meat, and cosmetic products like coconut oil can be bought from these places. They can vary considerably in freshness and price, so good to check expiry dates from some of the smaller outfits. Buying online is a convenient way to get heavy rice and lentils sent to your door and most of the internet online shopping groceries offer free delivery for ordering over a certain amount. You can order a big amount and split between friends so you don’t have to store kilos of beans and MUCH cheaper than buying from the international supermarkets.

Also included are the major international supermarkets and some other stores that are good for imported foods. Sometimes if you are near a place or craving something they can be handy.

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