Two very good friends of mine treated me to these delights when I was in London last month so I made some last weekend with what I could find in Tokyo. Simple and SO good. Be careful to let them cool a little when they’re out of the oven. As tempting as diving straight in is, the melted cheese can be quite hot and no-one likes burnt tongue.

If you want to try and make the pastry yourself, lots of help out there. For those of you like me who like the idea of homemade croissants without the 2/3 days prep time, buy some frozen puff pastry, some cheese, ham, or anything else you’d like inside and turn the oven on while you get them rolled out.

By cutting the pastry sheets, once thawed into triangles, filling them and rolling them up, making sure they stay chilled as if they get warm the puff pastry can get soggy. Brushing them with milk or egg and 15-20 minutes in the oven they’ll be a mighty fine start to  day.

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