Nabe is a classic one-pot wonder here in Japan over the winter months and with such a variety of ready-made soup broths available you can really enjoy staying warm and trying all the different flavours with very little effort.

I picked up a delectable Yuzu based broth which I will attempt to try and make next time so please watch out for that recipe coming soon. Yuzu is one of my all time favourite Japanese ingredients, the citrusy loveliness somewhere inbetween a lemon, grapefruit and heaven. Here I just wanted to share the meatball recipe here which completely revolutionizes the already wonderful pot of freshly assembled ingredients.

I’d like to apologise at this stage that this post has no picture of the nabe actually cooked. The delight smelled SO good and we were SO hungry that taking a picture just didn’t happen! It did look and taste remarkable just to be clear and there will be picture of a cooked one next time.

The best thing about nabe is you don’t need to do much as you can see. Cutting the carrots into hearts and trying to get the pot as pretty as possible is the most you really do and you don’t even need to do that so please try the meatballs with your favourite nabe goodies and enjoy!

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