A simple little pie here. Little due to the size of the pie pan but super tasty and easy to make. Popped to the shop as this was baking as felt some vanilla ice-cream was really going to make this dessert. It did, and it was that good that I ate it slowly to make it last for as long as I could.

Autumn truly a rocks in Japan, although it is fastly approaching winter, so many different foods available in abundance. In supermarkets and grocers prices are reasonable and with the huge apples around it seemed the perfect time to make a pie. Interesting how they raise apples here, to pure perfection and enormous.

Using frozen puff pastry available from Kaldi, 1 apple courtesy of my good friend who received a box of shinies from her mum, some cranberry sauce, brown sugar and cinnamon, little knob of butter made this little pie.

Halving the apple and using half to make a rough apple puree, with the other half in slices really adds a lovely sweet sauce as you eat the pie. You can add lemon juice, crushed almonds and other things in the sauce however this time I kept mine simple to mix with some cranberry sauce and it didn’t disappoint.

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