A very simple dish here which I love to make, and you can vary the ingredients as you like. Subtle changes like trying different potatoes, different cheeses, fresh eggs, adding different herbs can keep you endlessly entertained and served with any variety of salad I find this a wonderfully versatile dish.

This particular delight was made with fresh spinach, shiitake mushrooms – huge ones as big as my palms they were! red peppers, onions, garlic, dried oregano, new potatoes, eggs and fresh parmasan cheese. I don’t buy cheese everyday but I do love treating myself to fresh, good quality cheese when I do buy it so this was one of those days.

Dead simple to make, and I started by getting my spinach filling made. As this cooled on the side, in the same pan my potatoes cooked whilst I beat the egg and turned the oven on. Salt and peppering everything is great so you get your salt levels perfectly balanced. After layering and 20 minutes in the oven, during which I made a quick salad with a classic lemon and balsamic vinegar dressing with black charcoal salt, this was a quick and very enjoyable dinner.

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