It’s been 11 days since the big one hit Japan near Sendai and to be honest it feels like a month. Not only the devastating tsunami, but the nuclear reactors in Fukushima have been on everyone’s mind. Things seem to relatively stable with regards to Fukushima, but by no means over. The rescue effort in the north in dealing with the aftereffects of the earthquake and tsunami has begun but again has a long road to go before any ‘normality’ if at all returns.

Everyday we are bombarded with news and information and as as much as we try, the truth is there is just much to digest. Helping where we can and staying aware of concerns is all we can do and one concern now is the trace levels of radiation that have been found in food and water surrounding the plant. We must remember the staff who have voluntarily given themselves to try and control the situation have been exposed to the most radiation and we are assured they undergo the strictest decontamination after working so hope they are safe. For us who live in Tokyo and other surrounding areas the full extent to the damage from radiation is far from clear, but I have every faith in the Japanese people and government that steps will be taken.  The government today announced 4 prefectures to suspend food shipments since levels of radiation have been detected in tap water, leafy vegetables, milk. The levels “do not pose a risk to human health” we are told.

Another point to remember is we are all exposed to radiation in our daily lives, being scanned at the airport and flying, CT scans, talking on mobile devices, laptops on our laps. For anyone wanting to take a few extra precautions there is a few things that are always good to do:

1. Build up your immune system

Exercise, eat garlic, onions, Vitamin C, almonds, turmeric, green tea, fresh vegetables and whole foods.
Avoid white sugars and refined flours.

2. Eat more sea vegetables

Kelp, Konbu, Wakame, Nori that are naturally high in iodine, easy if you live in Japan since readily available.

3. Limit other radiation

So less chatting on the phone, not using your phone as an alarm etc…

More advice and info here.

Little things go a long way and by choosing to eat and act carefully your body will have the right balance to deal with anything, hopefully.

I like Konbu tea anyway but thought now might be a good time to share the recipe