A real favourite this and being able to eat it straight away is a total bonus. There are lots of different ways to make this, some recipes call for peanuts, ginger, cumin and other ingredients to be included. I personally make mine with a bunch of coriander, fresh garlic, fresh green chilli, lemon juice, salt and a touch of turmeric powder. I’m sure with all the added extras it tastes good and sometimes experiment with extras but always prefer the original version. I think when you eat it with food that already has plenty of spices, like the Aloo Tikki or a Biryani, it’s nice to keep chutney flavours bold and simple. The green chutney is is bright wonder after you’ve blended it and it’s good to taste as you make it, tweaking it with more lemon, salt, or green chili as you prefer. It’s best eaten freshly made but can keep up to a week or two in the fridge and don’t worry if the color darkens by a couple of shades.

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