There is nothing quite like a birthday cake to make it feel like it’s your birthday and with one of my best friend’s birthdays today, the big 3 0, and his love of Dorito’s I thought I would make a Dorito’s cake. I had been planning it for a good few days and thinking about it for a good few weeks. The dilemma was did I go for a full savoury re-fried beans, layered with guacamole, sour cream, in between corn bread with spicy salsa and Dorito’s crumbling OR did I go for a proper birthday cake but decorated in Doritos and tasting good? I decided to go for the latter after much deliberation and playing around with ideas as I found an easy sour cream frosting recipe and thought I wanted the cake to taste and look like a birthday cake. I have had a pretty bad experience of making a birthday cake a few years ago where I got a little excited by some green food coloring and it didn’t rise properly, weighed a ridiculous amount and tasted shocking. I rarely make something I can’t eat but that was one of those occasions! This time I decided to keep it au naturele with a simple white layered cake, base, a lemon and sour cream frosting, which I thought would compliment the cheese Doritos and some pretty sparkles for extra birthday effect. With some candles, a dark room, coupled with a little surprise it was going to be a special night. The idea was to look like a Dorito so I baked it in a square oven dish and sliced it in half diagonally. Each half in half through the middle, I made 4 layers. The layers were made the day before and frozen overnight. It looked a bit like a sandwich as I was layering up the next day but hopefully with all the embellishment that followed it resembled something more like a Dorito.

…. and the verdict after the party…

A few surprises at the combination at first but the cake was Oishi = tastes very good and looked like a Dorito! The Dorito’s were still standing while the candles were blown out so well done frosting for holding them up and the cake went down well. All that was left at the end of the night was a pile of candles, some Dorito’s crumbs, a small piece of frosting and a  very happy birthday boy, so success!

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