Winter = comfort food sometimes and Shepherd’s Pie is a very comforting way to enjoy one’s dinner during these winter months. Shepherd’s Pie is a classic British dish and usually made with ground lamb or beef, it is cooked in onions and herbs and then baked in the oven with fluffy mash crisping at the peaks.  It can be adapted and made with ground pork or chicken or even a tasty vegetarian version with brown lentils or soya mince so don’t shy away if you don’t eat beef or lamb. I have a lot of fresh rosemary at the minute so was liberal with incorporating it into the sauce. This is wonderful after being baked in the oven and it’s nice taking your time making something like this. Sitting back for half an hour while it bakes anticipating the moment you’ll eat it and taste those intensified flavours. Worcestershire sauce is usually added, however if you live somewhere where it is difficult to buy or simply don’t have any you can try a couple of things. A mixture of tamarind, anchovy paste, hot pepper sauce, red wine vinegar and soy sauce is what I made this delight with, or equally good I have found is Okonomiyaki sauce.

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