Need: 2 cups pre-cooked rice, 3 tbsp vegetable oil, fresh shrimp and squid, 4 garlic cloves, 4 red Thai chilis, 3 shallots, 2 spring onions, 2 eggs, lime, ground white pepper, 1 tbsp Nam pla fish sauce, 1 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp Mushroom soy sauce, cucumber, any extra veg, here I used half a vegetable pack which contained beansprouts and sliced carrots

1. Finely chop the shallots, garlic and Thai red chilis.

2. Peel and de-vein the shrimp.

3. Wash and cut the squid into small bit-size pieces.

4. Heat the vegetable oil in a large frying pan or wok on a medium-high heat.

5. Fry the garlic, shallots and Thai red chillis.

6. Stir well and add the shrimp and squid before the garlic browns.

7. Beat the eggs and keep to one side.

8. Add the veg.

9. Add the rice, soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar and stir well on a high heat.

10. Once well coated, make a hole in the centre and pour in the egg, folding and cooking as you mix the rice.

12. Serve with fresh coriander, a lime wedge, sliced cucumbers and a pinch of white pepper.

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