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A great way to use any vegetables you have, some pre-cooked rice and I just love the combination of the heat, salty, sweet, tangyness that you get from Thai Fried Rice. It always tastes better when you buy from made fresh from a street stand in Thailand or from someone who cooks it piping hot in a big wok but this version does the trick just as well. And it’s the little things that make it stand out from other fried rices. The white pepper, fresh lime, coriander are worth finishing the dish with as they just make the flavours pop in your mouth and take you back to your own Thai memories.

You can make this with just vegetables, chicken or any anything you feel like really. This time I made it with some fresh shrimp and squid as I had this for breakfast everyday when I once stayed in Koh Lanta and is a total treat!

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Quick, spicy, Thai food. There’s nothing quite like it when you’re hungry and this little stir-fry was made with a few vegetables, some chicken and a little help from some Nam Prik Pao, the Thai red chilli paste. A very good Thai friend who I get tips from usually brings back some pastes from Thailand and I love experimenting with them. Although I’ve tried making Nam Prik Pao paste from scratch, the roasting of the dried chillis can be quite taxing on the eyes. Since you can buy some pretty good ones I tend to buy it and since receiving the last jar I haven’t needed to buy it so easy to add to dishes quickly.

This is very simple as just requires chopped vegetables, chicken and a little fish sauce, fresh chillis and lime were added to boost the flavours. A great dish when you feel like cooking, not sure what, but want something fast with super minimal effort.

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