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Tai is the name for Sea Bream in Japanese. Meshi means rice and this simple yet beautiful dish is basically Sea Bream rice. The fish is cleaned, scales removed and simmered in a pot with rice, ginger and dashi stock. Very healthy and easy to make and although I forgot to include Mitsuba which would have really made the dish, it was still perfect. The recipe was kindly shared by a good friend Yuko and her knowledge of fish dishes is huge so I love getting simple recipes and trying them. Although this is usually considered a very special dish, made on occasions like birthdays and New Year, I made this on a weekday for lunch with friends. Soaking Konbu in water first, adding some Japanese seasonings and cooking the fish with the bones really gives such an incredible flavour and the key is to remove the bones and mix gently before serving. Mitsuba, the Japanese Parsley really would have been great thrown on top before serving but hey, next time…

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Although it’s not only tuna and avocado on toast… It’s a much fancier version with red onion, capers, dill and Yuzu. An A-list lunch and simple, yet the simplest are often the most enjoyable. Lemon juice would work too only since I had some Yuzu it was definitely worth adding. This was a lunch I was thinking about all morning and such an easy combination of flavours, all I needed to pick up was some fresh lettuce and an avocado. Capers are great to keep in your fridge, adding great flavour and no need to add extra salt. They also have a bunch of health benefits including being good for your skin, protecting DNA and apparently great for prostate health so good for men to incorporate in their diets. Short and sweet little entry today.. it is Friday after all.

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A great way to use any vegetables you have, some pre-cooked rice and I just love the combination of the heat, salty, sweet, tangyness that you get from Thai Fried Rice. It always tastes better when you buy from made fresh from a street stand in Thailand or from someone who cooks it piping hot in a big wok but this version does the trick just as well. And it’s the little things that make it stand out from other fried rices. The white pepper, fresh lime, coriander are worth finishing the dish with as they just make the flavours pop in your mouth and take you back to your own Thai memories.

You can make this with just vegetables, chicken or any anything you feel like really. This time I made it with some fresh shrimp and squid as I had this for breakfast everyday when I once stayed in Koh Lanta and is a total treat!

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