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Stir-fried Japanese noodles here.. Yaki means to fry and with Udon a thick wheat Japanese noodle this dish is a great way to use up any vegetables you have and takes about ten minutes to make. An all round winner when you’re hungry and have that moment of ‘what shall I eat today’. Perfect cooking for one and you can always make extra for a lunch box the next day too so don’t be shy with adding vegetables and making it colour-tastic. Flavour in this dish comes from the vegetables themselves, some simple dark sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, pepper and ginger. Katsuboshi thrown over the top add a great extra flavour, otherwise they taste perfectly fine without.

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This is simple pasta dish to make and I find with a few key ingredients that are totally worth getting, the dish completely transforms itself.

The first is Whole Grain Organic Pasta. I only buy this kind and as well as retaining alot of the nutrition and fiber that is typically lost with refined pastas, I also just prefer the taste and texture of it. Pasta is such a staple food for University students in the UK and when I started cooking for myself I wasn’t a huge fan of them to be honest and hardly made it. I have realized the reason I stayed away from all pastas was because I didn’t like the plastic-type cheap ones I was trying. Since trying different pastas, homemade pastas and having my eyes opened up I buy Whole Wheat and Whole grain pastas of which there are so many kinds and actually love trying different sauces, tweaking things here and there and marvelling at the results. If you don’t mind regular pasta please try the recipes with it as am sure they taste fine! I just can’t go back now..

Shallots in the sauce, slicing the eggplants before tossing in salt, pepper and olive and roasting really add a lovely dimension to this dish and if you have any fresh basil, throwing in some at the end boosts the colors and tastes great too! I made this with lean beef but try leaving it out if you’re vegetarian or another meat and it will taste just as good. This sauce is a winner every time and feel free to add your own little flavors. Trust  me the shallots, roasted eggplant, fresh basil and organic pasta are definitely worth keeping however.

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