A guest post this week from an extremely gifted cook.. my mum! A most wonderful recipe it is too and easy with minimum preparation ensuring a perfectly moist cake to finish with. Moist with the slightly crunchy top that is just heaven when you bite into it that is. And I had three slices yesterday! It was just too easy, what with the cake just out of the oven, lovely and warm, melting my ice-cream – and it tastes incredibly light. I will be running some of it off later as am sure it isn’t but surely some balance with the yoghurt? I do LOVE chocolate cake and having enjoyed a most wonderful Chocolate Gateau a friend made effortlessly over Christmas without even measuring, this is a perfect recipe to try anytime which will completely guarantee success. Help with the measuring is given and once the butter, sugar and eggs are mixed well, it’s a very simple case of alternately folding in the dry ingredients and yoghurt and putting in the oven for 30-40 mins while it rises. The picture above is the one my mum made, dusted with white chocolate and a little beauty I think!

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