Nothing beats a weekend afternoon like a roast. Simple prep involved, patient wait while the bird cooks away with occasional tending to and the dinner itself. Incredibly easy to make provided you have an oven and a few herbs and great to try with different varieties and combinations to mix it up. Even though I didn’t grow up with roasts traditionally on Sunday I have thoroughly embraced the British roast culture in other ways. Friends making them, serving them in restaurants, have both taught me perfection to timing and hot plates is the secret. Everything ready at the same time and relaxed in the approach. Slow roasting gives the most wonderful flavour and  I just love the wait as the smell takes over the kitchen in anticipation of a perfectly cooked chicken. Next time you’re out food shopping, pick up a bird, a whole bulb of garlic(or half in my case since it was only a little chicken), lemon, some fresh rosemary, thyme and you’ll have the perfect roast. Accompanied with roast vegetables and some blanched broccoli to provide a little crunch this is a well-balanced treat.

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